Toronto Landlords: Should I List my Toronto Rental Property on Airbnb or Listatto? [2019]

Q: I’m a Toronto Landlord, Should I List my Property on Airbnb or

Have you ever thought about renting out your home or property? With the increasing popularity of Toronto rental services such as Airbnb and for short-term or long-term stays, it can be challenging to determine if signing a lease or listing your property with Toronto Airbnb is the right choice. Renting is an excellent option for anyone wanting flexibility in where they live, for a short-term commitment, or a more affordable option for housing. Additionally, as a Toronto landlord, renting offers an excellent way to pay off your mortgage and generate additional income. When you’re in the market to rent out your Toronto property, either Airbnb or our real-estate app might be the right rental solution for you.

The key difference between us is that we manage long term rentals (1 year min) where as Airbnb does short stays. The problem is that the majority of condos don’t actually allow short term rentals so landlords can get in toruble for going against the condo laws. There’s also more wear and tear on the unit because there’s so many guests coming and going. So even though you can probably make more money doing the short term rentals you have to personally manage it, pay more in upkeep and can be  exposed to legal action from the condo corporation as well as the Airbnb occupant. Longer-term lease you are only dealing with one tenant and in most buildings its perfectly legal. Our uniquely designed and detailed contracts strongly protect the landlord and their property. We also screen all the applicants and make suggestions based on our experience in the rental market. Once they hire a listatto agent we do all the heavy lifting from marketing the listing, bringing in a qualified applicant, navigating through the transaction and protecting the landlord. or Airbnb in Toronto – What is is the Toronto app that keeps landlords one step ahead of the competition in Toronto’s red hot real estate rental market. Our listing engine provides renters with hundreds of the newest listings daily and provides world-class assistance from our real-estate agents to allow tenants to find the ideal apartment or house in Toronto, as well as providing landlords with a powerful platform to list their properties to prospective tenants. With, anyone can list their condominium or apartment in the GTA. Rental listings found on the app are elegant, luxurious, accommodating, and detailed.

Some of the info i provided on the previous blurb may work in here as well. or Airbnb in Toronto – What is Airbnb?

Airbnb’s platform generates a list of properties available around the world, typically for short-term or vacation stays. Through careful leveraging technology, it allows landlords to monetize their spaces and become hospitality entrepreneurs. As a people-to-people platform that encourages healthy travel, it benefits its stakeholders, hosts, guests, employees and the communities in which it operates. With Airbnb in Toronto, almost anyone can list and host their rental space. The listings on their website are diverse, accommodating and comfortable, with properties ranging from apartments, entire homes and hotel suites to boats on the water and tree-houses in the woods. or  Airbnb in Toronto – Comparison

Listatto: apartments, homes, condominiums

Airbnb: apartments, houses, boats, treehouses, condos, basements, rooms in spaces, villas

Duration of Stay 

Listatto: short to long term

Airbnb: typically short term, for travel


Listatto: You form a working relationship with your tenants

Airbnb: Quick turnover times prevent relationships with your tenants

Property Management

Listatto: Our Agents manage your apartment and home on your behalf Airbnb: Must manage your apartment or house rental 


Listatto: allows for steady rental income due to the extended rental period from your tenants

Airbnb: income varies based on location, season and attractions within the city or township who 

This great! is the Ideal Solution For Long-Term Toronto Rentals 

Both Airbnb Toronto and online platforms have their pros and cons, when in search of a long-term rental service and steady, reliable income, is the ideal option for Toronto landlords. Listatto’s rental app assists potential tenants in finding the right rental space and assists Toronto landlords with listing their rental property to prospective Toronto tenants. With both sides of the app working in harmony, it allows for the most significant potential for finding the right tenant and space. Traditional rentals are one of the many long term investment strategies. With traditional renting, a landlord or host rents out their apartment or home for a designated period, during which the tenants pay rent based on the established lease agreement. The process is simple and straightforward; once a tenant signs a contract, landlords can expect to receive a steady stream of payments for the predetermined period. Also, with long-term tenants, there are less administrative tasks and cleaning fees. Also, once the tenancy agreement is signed and keys are exchanged, the need to advertise and clean your property is exponentially lowered. Also, turning your home into investment property may be an excellent financial move for a variety of reasons. You’ll generate regular rental income while earning equity on your home, diversify your investments, and potentially see an increase in the value of your home. Listatto’s app also provides various benefits to potential tenants all around the world. If you are an international tenant in search of a property in Toronto, Listatto’s app pairs you with a licensed real estate professional in Toronto. This agent will discuss your specific needs and criteria to help find your perfect property in the city. Your agent will send a variety of property listings based on your desired criteria, or you can browse our hundreds of listings at your leisure. Based on your selected listings, you can book directly through, or you can ask your agent for a virtual showing to learn more about the property. Finally, when you have chosen the property you’d like to apply for, your real estate agent will send you the necessary paperwork for your application. Upon completion of the paperwork, the keys to your property will be waiting when you arrive. 

Renting With / Rent Your Space With

Ultimately, it is essential to consider both the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Every property, landlord, or tenant will have different requirements, and there is no right or wrong answer. However, when specifically in search of long-term rental options, Listatto’s real-estate app is the ideal choice. 

For an alternative to Airbnb in Toronto, visit and start browsing premium properties today or if you would like to list your Toronto rental property.